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Jazz music is an original and expressive musical genre that took root in the United States in the early 20th century and quickly became popular around the world. Jazz is an art form characterized by the creativity and emotional expression of musicians of African-American descent. 

Based on improvisation, jazz music allows musicians to freely express their emotions and technical skills. With its various subgenres such as swing, bebop, cool, and fusion, jazz has been enriched over time by blending with other musical genres. 

251 Soul Muzik Caz Card
Guest Artists
The 251 Soul Sanatcilar Aydin Kahya Cardd
Aydın Kahya
251 Soul Sanatcilar Akra Caz Band Ft Evrim Card
Evrim Özşuca
251 Soul Sanatcilar Akra Jaz Band Ft Eylul Ergul Card
Eylül Ergül
251 Soul Sanatcilar Ezgi Alas Card
Ezgi Alaş
251 Soul Sanatcilar Alorisma Card
Alonisma & Lown
251 Soul Sanatcilar Alp Ersonmez Card
Alp Ersönmez
251 Soul Sanatcilar Baha Isler Card
Baha İşler
251 Soul Sanatcilar Jazz Groove Card
Barış Kıratlı Jazz Groove
251 Soul Sanatcilar Cenk Erdogan Card
Cenk Erdoğan
251 Soul Sanatcilar Ceren Temel Card
Ceren Temel
251 Soul Sanatcilar Cagil Kaya Tamer Temel Card
Çağıl Kaya & Tamer Temel
251 Soul Sanatcilar Deli Bakkal Card
Deli Bakkal
251 Soul Sanatcilar Dila Bahar Card
Dila Bahar
251 Soul Sanatcilar Ekinoks Dj Set Card
Ekinox Dj Set
251 Soul Sanatcilar Can Bayoglu Card
Fetiblue & Can Bayoğlu
251 Soul Sanatcilar Sinem Islamoglu Card
Fetiblue & Sinem İslamoğlu
251 Soul Sanatcilar Giladz Gitzmon Card
Gilad Gitzmon
251 Soul Sanatcilar Jam Session Card
Jam Session
251 Soul Sanatcilar Oleg Buman Card
Oleg & Natalia Butman
251 Soul Sanatcilar Santi Tugce Card
Santi & Tuğçe
251 Soul Sanatcilar Sibel Kose Card
Sibel Köse ve Akra Jazz Band
251 Soul Sanatcilar Yoav Card
Yoav Eshed
Jam Session Hosted by ”Selen Gülün”
Atahan Kaya Quintet
Jam Session Hosted by “Tamer Temel ”
Jam Session Hosted by “Engin Recepoğulları”
Jam Session Hosted “Barış Doğukan Yazıcı”
Jam Session Hosted by “Bulut Gülen”
Emin Gök Live After Ekinoks Dj Set
Fetiblue & Uğur Bozdağ meet Akra Jazz Band
Ekinoks DJ Set feat Utku Vargı
The Experimentals
Barış Kıratlı Quartet "Jazz&Groove"
Akra Jazz Band feat Baha İşler
Dila Bahar Quintet
Ercüment Orkut Trio
Ekinoks DJ Set feat Ahmet Nebi
Gizem Okudan Latin Quintet
Akra Jazz Band feat Önder Focan & Ceren Temel
Ekinoks DJ Set feat Ozan Çelikel
Akra Jazz Band feat Çağla Karaali
Ekinoks DJ Set feat Ahmet Nebi
Atahan Kaya Quintet
Akra Jazz Band feat Dilek Taş
Ezgi Alaş Band
Ekinoks DJ Set
Hermon Mehari Quartet
Akra Jazz Band feat Jef Giansily & Hermon Mehari
Akra Jazz Band feat Ülkü Aybala Sunat
Akra Jazz Band feat Sibel Köse
Akra Jazz Band feat Eylül Ergül
Sinem-i & Jazzt Friends
Gilad Atzmon Band
Akra Jazz Band feat Duygu Tarhan
Akra Jazz Band feat Aydın Kahya
Playlist Curated By The 251 Soul
Fetiblue feat Uğur Bozdağ
KKB feat Özge Tezcanlı
Cenk Erdoğan Trio
Akra Jazz Band feat Cansu Nihal Akarsu