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251 Soul Markalarimiz Akra Hotels
Akra Hotels
Akra Hotels, which continues to serve in tourism investments with 2,600 employees and 4,331 bed capacity, always aims to be "above the competition" with the strength it draws from its deep-rooted history and over 50 years of experience, the services it offers in the field of international hotel management, its pioneering and innovative human values ​​practices and the gastronomy experiences it creates. .
Akra Hotels Markalar Asmani
Asmani Restaurant
Asmani, where the traditional Turkish cuisine is blended with modern touches and top-ranking dishes from the international cuisine are offered with different presentations, will guide you to a journey of taste with its fresh and quality products accompanied by a breath-taking view.
Akra Hotels Pablito Restoran Card
Pablito Bistro
Our story began when Pablo De Caralte, the Cuban businessman from Miami who fell in love with Antalya at first sight and likened it to Miami, and wanted to open a place offering entertainment, tasty foods and good coffee. The dream place of Pablo, who was known as "Pablito" in Miami because he was short, has turned into reality in Akra in 2016.
Akra Hotels Baska Ol Banner Card
Baska Ol
We are now taking you to a "different" journey to nourish both your soul and body. Either during your joyous rendezvous or when you seek serenity, Baska Ol is at your disposal to accompany you no matter what your mood is.
Akra Hotels Markalar Forfun Card
Claiming to be the most entertaining place in the city, ForFun offers the opportunity to spend quality time not only for the children but also the adults thanks to various activities and many joysome games.
Akra Hotels Markalar Caz Fetivali Card
Akra Jazz Festival
Jazz Festival Akra Jazz Festival continues to bring the renowned figures of the jazz music with the art lovers in Antalya. Gearing up to offer a wide and colorful musical range that blends jazz music with funk, rock, Latin, soul and electronic genres besides modern and classical jazz music, the festival will be held for the fifth time in Antalya this year.
Akra Hotels Akra Fit Card
Serving towards a stunning view and offering service for healthy living and sports lovers and established in an area of approximately 2500 m2, AkraFit will provide you with the opportunity to work out as accompanied by experienced trainers at its fitness center equipped with the state-of-the-art technology equipment. Besides, it will enable you to benefit from some other privileges such as an indoor pool, group lessons, Turkish bath and sauna.
Akra Hotels Meze Festivali Desktop
Mezze Festival
With the tasty mezzes by the reputable chefs of the world of gastronomy, our festival virtually enables the participants to experience a feast, since 2017.
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Spey’s Work
Spey's has been designed elaborately as dedicated to our guests who wish to work either individually or as a team at an exclusive space. At Spey's that offers a fully equipped co-working space, you can use your time in the right manner and increase the productivity of your work thanks to its central location advantage.
Akra Hotel Grandfondo Desktop
Akra Gran Fondo
Gran Fondo is a long-distance road cycling event participated by amateur cyclists. Bringing together a large number of cyclists as part of a sports competition, cultural experience or a social responsibility movement, Akra Gran Fondo is one of the most famous Gran Fondo races in Türkiye.
Akra Hotels Tour Of Antalya
Tour of Antalya
"Tour of Antalya" powered by Akra, with its two partners, aimed to bring Antalya to the top ranks of cities preferred for bicycle tourism with the Tour of Antalya bicycle race, which it started organizing in 2016. This formation was strengthened by obtaining Bike-Friendly Hotel Certification for Akra and Akra Kemer Hotels.
Akra Thelifeco
TheLifeCo Akra Antalya
TheLifeCo Akra Antalya is the first establishment to offer well-being services in Türkiye and has touched the lives of more than 30,000 guests since 2005. TheLifeCo Akra Antalya offers unforgettable experiences based on a holistic approach towards health, and it opens the door to a healthier life in 4 steps, namely Purification and Diet, Healing Atmosphere, Exercise and Flexibility and Mental Health.